Loving...On A Wednesday

Leilani Bishop's awesome dress from Society for Rational Dress via The Glow... I would wear that dress in a heartbeat. I'm not gonna lie.

Sarah Braman at the Paris Art Fair via Ensuite...

Killer shoes

... and Dosa's gorgeous LA space, both via Renee. On another note, a friend recently told me that Dosa's amazing Christina Kim is taking over my favorite shop in Marfa, Tienda M. I can't wait to see how she evolves the space...

 The refrigerator of my dreams via dullDiamond.

A huge, utterly stunning Himmeli mobile rendered in brass...

Mini Rodini's tiger top. I want this for the Millster in the worst possible way...Not sure if she wants it, but that's really not the point, right?

Shannon South's leather clutches. That little rectangle brass bead just takes the whole enterprise to the next level, yes?


UrbanChiqueNess said...

Loving the suede clutch...wow. Actually gets me excited for Fall! The refrigerator for us OCD girls...beyond. I do try to merchandise mine but never looks that good!

pve design said...

gorgeous leather. love that montauk tote.
was just out at montauk. love it there.
that fridge with baskets is great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting my clutch! Lovely blog!