A House, A Smart Blonde, and A Sugar Update (AKA The Random Bits)

First up, the 411 on the amazing Tomales Bay house that our friends Julie and Tim rented (and kindly let us crash in)... A few of you have asked if it's the house that was in Bon Appetit a couple of months ago, and I can confirm that yes, it is indeed that same insanely awesome house.

Here's how you too can bask in its splendor. I'm here to help friends.

Photograph by Allison V. Smith from Sarah's blog

Ok next is the matter of Sarah Hepola, or more specifically, Sarah Hepola's funny, honest, poignant essays. If Sarah's writing it, I'm reading it. I'm reading her on Salon. I'm reading her blog. And now I'm reading her new (genius) column, "The Smart Blonde" in D Magazine. (Yes, the very same D Magazine that employs me, but I have absolutely nothing to do with the inspired Sarah Hepola action except the fact that I'm reading it...and you should be too.)

And finally a quick update on life sans sugar. I was all set to boast about how I rocked my first week. I was going to get all braggy on you, all "I resisted a ginormous tray of handmade macaroons in S.F., blah, blah".

But then this morning, when I was out scouting a house with co-workers, a very kind person offered up a plate of fresh out of the oven, homemade, "cowboy cookies" (some delicious creation involving various nuts and chocolate bits and oats and whatnot). He was so excited about his cookies. I mean it would have been rude to turn them down...

I ate two. Two.

But I'm back on the wagon. Two cookies in a week does not a fail make. Right? Right?


Tamsin North said...

It would not be much of a lifestyle change if it could be derailed by two cookies, right? You are doing great :)

Tracey said...

Two is nothing. I'd eat the whole jar! Can't wait to check out your tip. Love finding a new blog. Thanks!

Tracey x

Mary said...

All in moderation. Two cookies in a week is what you should call success!

Unknown said...

Sarah Hepola...Sarah Hepola...have been racking my brain all day as to why she sounds so familiar and then realized she was at The Daily Texan around the same time as Chris...small world...BRILLIANT stuff...just wasted my whole morning reading her...thanks friend ;)

Alexis said...

Joslyn, thank you for sharing your obsession with Sarah Hepola. I had never heard of her until now. I spent last night reading her essays on Salon and wow, there were some words that just struck me deep inside. Perfect timing. She reminds me a bit of Cheryl Strayed (I love Cheryl Strayed). Loving her!

Megan Taylor said...

You are correct -- not a fail! Just a sweet little treat on the road to the sweet life! xo

Unknown said...

This sweet treat looks perfect for a summer trip! I'm probably gonna make this using a low-calorie sweetener. Would that work?

Mischna Ong