Loving...On A Wednesday

Leslie Williamson's photography for the NYT's "People Watching" series in T Magazine. I can't get Max Lamb's studio out of my head... It is so, so good.

Diptyque perfume via Ashley... Beautiful.

Joan Mitchell. Full stop.

This insanely gorgeous blue cameo ring spotted via Jamie...

Beatrice's citrus margaritas...but I'm in the midst of a cocktail moment. V. excited to take these workshops at Oil and Cotton.

Matias Cuevas' graphic mixed media works...this one (untitled) is carpet, carpet trim, house paint, and torch on board, and it's completely brilliant.

This massive necklace, which I may have purchased yesterday after staring at it on my pinterest for weeks... But I'm not saying for sure. If I did purchase it though, I'm thinking it would look awfully swell with a simple white t-shirt, yes?

This perfect scene...the wood cabinets and little brass lamp, the modern artwork next to the little traditional piece, those lemons sitting next to the blue bowl, the water set-up, oh and that basket leaning ever so casually against the wall. In love. Big time. (From here, spotted via Jen)


UrbanChiqueNess said...

Great pics and yes, for $28 you must have that great necklace!

mes bijoux said...

and I'm looooving the first pciture (and everything shown in there!)
kisses from late wednesday!

Jeane M. said...

This post is overflowing with daily inspirations. From the vase to canvas to that lovely accessories. Got my eye on your blog now.