An Outfit Deconstructed... (Summer's Last Gasp Edition)

My love for a good dress really knows no bounds...the right one can make getting dressed infinitely easier and solve any multitude of wardrobe conundrums. If given my druthers, I'd proabably just have a closet full of dresses. Just dresses. Full stop.

I've been planning to do an outfit post featuring Jennifer's "Huipil" dress ever since I purchased it earlier this summer. It was a mainstay during those long hot months when I wanted to wear something easy and comfortable but needed to feel pulled-together. Happily, the dress continues to be a "go-to", as it still feels right for the smattering of warm days we get in October and when temperatures dip a bit I just throw-on a chunky cardigan over it.

I just love this dress... I do.

The Details:

  • Dress -- Ermie
  • Necklace -- Homemade
  • Shoes -- Marc Jacobs


Anna said...

Just as I did with the black Mociun wrap dress that sold out in what seemed like minutes earlier this fall, I coveted this dress over the summer and waited too long...! I think my tendency to mull over purchases isn't an altogether bad thing, but it does sometimes end in regret.
The dress is a gorgeous blue and looks lovely on you (and the tassel you added to the necklace is great!).

Jennifer said...

Looks perfect on you!
I wish you could model for me :)
Beautiful! Thank-you, Joslyn.

sadie said...

Love your orange nails with the blue of the dress--perfect complements, ya know ;)

colette said...

I have the same Marc Jacob's wedges. I have worn them to death!

Love the dress!

Rachel said...

Totally agree! A great dress is really the answer to it all.

Alicia Jo said...

I love the pictures girl! Awesome style! Great Blog, keep it up!! Following! Follow back!! :)


Forget me not,


Mary Beth said...

Love this, Joslyn. You look fabulous. I'd love a post where you talk more about making the necklaces. In particular, where do you buy your supplies! Have a wonderful "unplugged" weekend!

stephanie. said...

i'm a dress gal myself. and dress + pockets = perfection.