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Feist's new album, Metals...We're listening to it non-stop at our house of late. It should also be noted that I have a special sort of gratitude to the lovely Leslie Feist, as her album The Reminder (and specifically the song "1234") was literally the only thing that would get Millie to stop crying during massive bouts of colic in her early babyhood. One night (true story) we listened to that song 37 times in a row. Yes, I counted.

This house in the latest issue of Rue. Love all the light and white and the raw edge "shelf" perched on those rocks. Love the casually leaning art and record player and the gold pig. (I've long loved that gold pig. One day gold pig, one day...)

The sub-title of Tamar Adler's book, An Everlasting Feast. I mean "Cooking with Economy and Grace" is just so compelling and lovely. + The idea of "economy and grace" pretty much sums up how I want to live my entire life. Has anyone read this? It's on my list just for that sub-title alone.

Kate -- one of my favorite ladies in this little blog world. Kate is honest and soulful and kind. She and her love Will are currently selling some of their magical art to raise funds to help cover some pretty major medical bills. Go see.

Pretty + simple flowers via Design Sponge... Because simple trumps complicated pretty much every time, don't you think?

Hadley Holliday's gorgeous painting. + it's BIG (66x60)...can you imagine having that much giant goodness in your house?! Holy cow.

The new pieces from We Never Sleep...I love that stunning top necklace, but I'd wear the long, slinky "Shriner's Fez" necklace every. single. day.

Olive wood utensils from Canvas...I might *encourage* Bryan to try his hand at crafting some of these. I'll let you know how it goes.


White Tapestry said...

That book looks really wonderful..inspiration in the kitchen which I always need. And the utensils, I just used wooden ones recently and just make sure the wood is smooth or you'll get a splinter!

Erin said...

Hi Joslyn,
Thought you would like to know the book is way cheaper on amazon and there are some reviews. Looks pretty amazing though.



stephanie said...

I'm cracking up over here! Carson was the same exact way with Fleet Foxes when she was a baby. White winter hymnal was the only thing that stopped the crying in the car. I have been avoiding buying the newish album, worried I wasn't ready yet. You have inspired me though, maybe it's time.

theappletea said...

wooden forks rules!

Anonymous said...

I love Feist but haven't listened to that one yet. Thanks for the link. And all the other ones. I always enjoy your lists.

la la Lovely said...

Such a good everything! I'm checking out the new Feist now... and Hadley Holliday - sigh. All of her work is beyond gorgeous + cool perfection. I'm so ready to start a proper little art collection. And don't you just love her name. I do!
xo Trina

Ellen said...

Love your blog! Thanks for featuring that lovely Shriner's Fez necklace - I snatched the last one up at a great price and am wearing it today.