Some Scenes from the Weekend (+ a belated winner)

This was the first weekend that truly felt like fall to me. It was sort of a magical trifecta of rainy, leaf-strewn days, cozy meals, and (wait for it)...football.

Specifically there was my alma mater's big rivalry game (in which, sadly, we were handily trounced)... We religiously watch this particular game every year with a crew of dear friends that we've known (in some cases) since childhood. The scene is crazy and bustling and really, really fun. (Picture Thanksgiving but with no family baggage.)

This year there were 13 kiddos at the festivities who, over the course of a very long day (we start early in the morning with bloody marys and breakfast tacos and go late into the evening with a massive smoked brisket and margaritas -- it's pretty major), partook in some impressive merry-making. But by far the littles' finest hour occured at dusk when they decided to have an epic drive-way dance party, barefoot, in the pouring rain. Walking home late that night stuffed with tacos and brisket and margaritas, Millie passed out in my arms, Audrey all raggedy, the soles of her feet black from playing, Bryan and I marveled at how much fun we'd had...how lucky we were to have such lasting, close friendships, how much we'd laughed. It was goodness.

On Sunday, we'd hoped to cap the festive weekend off with a trip to the fair (one of our favorite activities of the year), but the rain thwarted our plans so we piled the girlies in the car and headed to the museum instead. Let's just call it the the cultural counterpoint to our bacchanal the day before...because really it's all about balance, yes?

Last but not least, the winner of last week's Nahla giveaway is Jennie...Congrats!

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Unknown said...

Love the painting the kids are standing in front of...do you remember who created it and what it's named?

Nomadic D. said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend, and yes, fully balanced. Also, that photo 3rd from the bottom is killing me with it's beauty and cuteness.


Anonymous said...

looks like a perfect weekend!

T.RIPPY said...

Each of these tells such a beautiful story...I love that projection on the hardwood floor. Beautiful.

clk said...

I love your daughter's striped dress. Where did you find it?

Megan Taylor said...

I want to dangle my feet in the pool!

Joslyn said...

clk -- thanks! audrey's dress is from mini boden.

here's a link for ya!


Anonymous said...

this just seems like perfection.
what a great weekend!
- cori


amy turn sharp said...

the girls are growing up! God. They are so beautiful. I miss you friend. xo

Jaime Rugh said...

aha, busy doing the same things:) love YOUR museum pics:)