Some Scenes From The Weekend...

Upon leaving Audrey's summer camp dance recital early Friday evening and noting that the digital thermometer in our car read (wait for it) 122 degrees (!!!), we put ourselves under a sort of voluntary "house arrest" for the rest of the weekend (for fear that if we stepped outside again we might, you know...spontaneously vaporize). Safely ensconced in our cool, air conditioned environs, I proceeded to (frantically) attempt avoidance of house-bound induced meltdowns by plying the girles with as many diversions as humanly possible...

And I also made a huge pan of rice crispie treats for them. Friends, I am not above bribery.

Said diversions included (in no particular order): necklace making, painting, playing "nail salon" (Audrey requested a fetching orange and green pedi), mini-marshmallow and toothpick sculptures, ample use of our Netflix Instant account, a couple of night swims (after it cooled down to 95 degrees of course), and did I mention the rice crispie treats?

By Sunday morning we were "crafted-out", so we threw caution to the wind and actually left the house. Our destination was (the awesome) Oddfellows in Oak Cliff where we consumed the best coffee in town and perfect little pillow-shaped beignets sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with a lemon wedge that, when squeezed over the top, morphed them into some sort of donut/lemon bar hybrid.

Crazy good.

Hope you guys all had a lovely weekend!


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i'm literally wiping drool from the corner of my mouth after your lemon doused beignet description.

and the necklace you are so beautifully sporting ~ need. want. {at least some diy instructions, please.}

Ana Degenaar said...

What a lovely post, voluntary home arrests can definitely be a great thing.

SmartBear said...

ahhhh the things you can do with marshmallows and toothpicks. I am so weary of this heat. And the pool. If I have to take the tot to the pool again, I think I might lose it.
The beignets sound divine.

Megan Taylor said...

That pedicure is my new inspiration! xo

The littlest said...

i always love your scenes from the weekend!!

Kristen said...

first, i just discovered your blog and am loving it! second, that nursery is maybe the best thing ever.

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