Blogger's Favorites -- Lauren of Color Collective

image via color collective (dress image via No. 6)

I think of Lauren as the ultimate altruistic blogger... She utilizes her impeccable eye for color and her gorgeous aesthetic sensibility to create an infinitely useful sort of "inspiration resource" through her blog, Color Collective. It's just such a good thing...

Lauren's blog is also wholly unique, as there is no "naval gazing" (and you know I'm a bit of a "naval gazer" myself), rather she focuses solely on breaking down interesting and lovely images into the individual hues that help make them so compelling. So it's especially fun to get a bit of a view into some of the things that make her tick, her personal inspirations.

Without further ado, herewith Lauren's favorites... Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend friends!

1. Collections (specifically rocks): I have been a collecting things my entire life. Rocks and minerals are amazing treasures and make for a great collection! (image via the vamoose)

2. Shabd: My obsession with Shabd and their beautiful tie-dye garments is out of control.

3. Simple, Natural Objects: Just like this dream catcher by Chief and Crown.

4. Colors and Fabric: Two of my favorite things in the world. This project by Raw Color for Edwin Pelser is incredibly gorgeous and has been inspiring me for weeks.

5. Confetti System: I dream about elaborate parties where Confetti System garlands hang along the walls.

6. Shopping: Shopping is almost always on my mind. This stack of clothing would fit in my closet so nicely :) (image via an old J.Crew catalog.)

7. Photography: This photo by Marcelo Gomez for Hobo Magazine makes me fall in love with photography all over again.

8. Stripes: LOVE stripes. And also this

9. Cool Plants: I really can't keep plants alive! But I try, they are pretty to look at and add a freshness to any space.(image via Belle Fleur de Lis)


Elise / Pennyweight said...

love lauren! amazing picks.

Kate said...

Lauren's blog is my go-to for color inspiration when I start a new design project!

Nomadic D. said...

Gorgeous stuff. I've been obsessed with shabd for a while now too. but everything here is so beautiful!


Gabrielle said...

I absolutely adore the colours in the first image!

x fount it