Amy Steven's amazing "art cakes"... just totally and completely awesome.

Jenn's latest necklaces...loving the combo of her homemade beads with the brass rings and hardware.

Filly's "Nine Times" dress... actually I'm loving pretty much the entire Fall 2011 collection. (Via Let it Be.)

The inspired projects in the latest Nuno Magazine... I'd love to give these string wrapped bangles a whirl.

Brad Ford's "Stereo Lounge" for the Kips Bay Show House... every perfect detail aside, how cool is an entire room built around listening to records??!

And then there's the matter of this nursery...quite possibly the most groovy nursery of all time. That mural is rocking my world. (Via the July/August Issue of D Home, which, I should add, is one of their best.)

This lovely space...I want to wake-up there. (Via Quiero.)

Mandy Besek's gorgeous/interesting/crazy/wholly unique fiber art and jewelry. I'm a little obsessed, I'm not gonna lie. (Via Joanna.)

This set-up...which I wish was happening next to my pool. Those striped cushions on the loungers...just pure goodness. (Via the Pursuit Aesthetic.)


Chelsea said...

Ok, I am officially obsessed with that nursery. How inspiring. Since moving to Houston I have missed D Magazine...But I am off to Dallas next week.

stephanie said...

WOW....that nursery is insane! good find!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness--and how awesome is that little tray table that pops out from the lounger!?

Landis Carey said...

Hi, darling! I'm especially loving this board today! I'm not sure if it's the cake or the necklaces but the collection's style is fitting my easy-going, late summer self :)

Caitlin said...

Oh, so so lovely. Wish we had been in NYC at the same time. Have a fabulous trip! xx

Megan Taylor said...

All beautiful things to be loving! xo

Christina C said...

The wrapped bracelets are fun to make but really time consuming! Trust me, I just stuck a bunch in my etsy shop... The great thing about them is that almost everyone has an old bangle and thread lying around. Check mine out!