Blogger's Favorites -- Kristie of Texas Style and Substance

I first met the author of this week's blogger's favorites at a party last fall, where I promptly developed of bit of a sartorial girl crush on her. I mean those boots and her daughter Pilar's fantastic tulle skirt and jumble of necklaces... (Actually it's possible I had a sartorial girl crush on both of them.)

But Kristie is not only insanely chic + cool, she also knows her stuff. She's a contributing editor at Texas Monthly, where she writes a (totally fantastic) monthly column, Object Lesson and an editor at large at F!D Luxe + a contributor to D Magazine among others (whew). She also did a stint at Lucky Magazine where she wrote about all things Texas.

And her blog is a must-read if you live in (or are planning a visit to) Texas...

Oh and she's incredibly nice too.

So without further ado, herewith Kristie's favorites. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend.

(I'll be back Monday with the details of a little surprise adventure we have planned for the girlies this weekend.)

Cruz & Pilar – My children. Cruz made a mother out of me, and Pilar was a happy and wild addition to our little family. I love them so much that I cry over it sometimes. Everyday is an adventure with them and I just want them to grow into happy adults, surrounded by love, and mindful of others.

Cartier Love Bracelet – I mentioned to my husband Tom how much I liked a friend’s bracelet. A few weeks later on our tenth wedding anniversary he presented me with one just like it. This is more about the fact that he stills listens to me rather than the actual material good. He’s the best.

Artists – The respect I have for artists is so immense. To make a living as one is such a hard thing to do. Whether it’s a musician, a writer, a painter, whatever; when I meet someone who’s doing it I always walk away inspired and driven to make my own stuff happen. (image via new gallery).

Mariage Freres Earl Grey – I have a hot tea with half and half every morning. Mariage Freres French cotton muslin sachets are hand tied – like a little gift – and make my ritual feel so indulgent.

Magazines - My magazine obsession is a bit out of control. My office is filled with back issues of American and French Vogue from the past decade along with tons of issues of T, the style, design, and travel magazine from the NY Times, House & Garden, Domino, The New Yorker, the list goes on. I used them as inspiration and reference materials for things I'm working on and it's always fascinating to track how fashion and design, even writing styles, evolve over time.

LD Tuttle Shoes – I can honestly blame Jackie Bolin for this one. The former fashion writer co-owns V.O.D, what I consider one of the best women’s clothing boutiques in the country. The LD Tuttle’s that I’ve ordered from her always end up drawing the most attention out of anything in my closet. My most recent LD purchase is a pair of over-the-knee flat leather boots. Can’t wait for it to get cool enough to wear them. (image via shopbop)

Texas – I make no apologies for it. I love Texas. I love being from here, I love living here. The end.


Ana Degenaar said...

I love her already! so interesting and fun!

Fern and Feather said...

i love this list and I have been on the hunt for the perfect earl grey + I have always admired that packaging... so excited to try...

Happy Friday yah!

Kate said...

Excited to try the Mariage Freres Earl Grey! Great list.

Anonymous said...

I am fiercely loyal about being a Texan even though I now live in NM. All the people who like to be Texas haters I think cause Native Texans to be more loyal than people from other states. Yeehaw Texas.