Image via Domino

It's hot in Texas. It really is. Crazy hot in fact. And unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of heat... No, I'm decidedly more of a cool weather girl. Not cold mind you, but mild, sunny, cool. My years growing up in Northern California must have installed in me some sort of temperature "set point" that despite living 15 years of my life (off and on) in hot, hot Texas, I've never been able to shake.

To make things worse, not only is it hot, but it gets hot early -- we've been known to have a few scorchers as soon as May, so on my little mental calendar, the end of our beach vacation each year marks the start of "the hot", and I really, really have to gear up for it.

Usually gearing up involves getting the back yard fully "summarized", as while I really don't like the heat, I like waiting it out all summer long in the air conditioned confines of our house even less. And because I somehow thrive on a full to-do list, "gearing up" also tends to include a slew of indoor projects.

We're embarking on all sorts of boring but productive tasks over the next few weeks (installing a ceiling fan on the patio, cleaning out assorted closets, continuing to "lime" the wood walls in our living room -- which at the rate we're going, should be completed sometime in 2010...), but the project I'm most excited about is painting the wall behind the bed in our guest room this particular shade of green spotted in last month's Domino. It's that sort of nervous excitement that comes from stepping out on the ledge a bit, as those that know me recognize that this green is a smidge outside my comfort zone, and the wall I'm targeting in the guest room happens to be visible from every single living space in the house.

But I'm going there, I'm living on the edge here people...anything to take my mind off that dreaded heat.


traphic signs said...

that's pretty close to your kitchen color... no?

Jane said...

Go for it! Tim and I use to drive a Vega this color! Made for interesting conversation! Stay cool! Jane

Anonymous said...

I love that color (and that photo from DOMINO!) My sister painted her guest bath that color with bright pink trim and ribbon-trimmed accents - totally preppy!

Joslyn said...

e-- yes, kinda close to the kitchen green, but brighter...eeek

jane -- i'd love to see you and T in that vega...awesome.

Unknown said...

I LOVE that green! That page of Domino is in my little idea notebook, I loved it so much. Can't wait to see a photo of the finished product. I am sure it will be spectacular!