It’s Never too Late…Right?

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This morning as I was packing the girls into the car for school, Audrey looked at me awfully earnestly and inquired, "Mom (long pause), what do you want to be when you grow up? ...an artist?" (She wants to be an artist desperately, so she assumes that everyone else of course would like this very same occupation...)

First, I broke the news that I was already grown up, which seemed to somehow surprise her.
Next, I informed her that no, I didn't necessarily want to be an artist, but that I was thrilled with her career choice. Then I told her what I would like to be, and she promptly asked, "Then why aren't you that???"

Good question A...

p.s. This made me feel a tad better.


Jessie Cacciola said...

i love how straightforward kids are.
- Jessie -

Aimee said...

She sounds very wise. If the artist gig doesn't work out she should think about doing therapy!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what it is that you want to be when you grow up? Because I still haven't worked out what I want to be.
I also like hearing about women who stumbled upon their calling late in life. Did you know that Madeleine Albright didn't start her career until after having children?

tyler said...

well, they tell it like it is, don't they? blissfully simple...we could learn much from our children. your sweet story made me smile.

so what do you want to be when you grow up?

karey m. said...

next post...you must tell.

mary s. said...

I second Miss Karey. Do tell!

It's amazing how as we get older, "life" gets in the way of so many things. Oh, to be a kid again - the simple life!

Joslyn said...

ok... i'll post my dream job next week. i promise.

melissa said...

Your daughter's question is hilarious. Isn't it funny how people tend to project their desires onto everyone around them.

And yes, that poster is amazing!