An Interim Alternative to Actually Signing up for that Photography Class

Images via Paul Costello -- Note the swankier version of that rattan chair I've been seriously coveting

Amidst the craziness that is our life with kiddos right now, I've yet to sign up for the photography class that I resolved to take this year. I realize it's only March, so I technically have plenty of time, but each time I pull out our new "fancy camera" to snap a photo, I am painfully reminded of my severe lack of photographic prowess.

In the meantime, the genius blog Decorno asked photographer Paul Costello (every single image I swoon over in Domino magazine is inevitably credited to Costello) to share his tips for taking stellar interior shots. He provides lots of good advice for how to get the best out of your camera, but my favorites are the strikingly simple three that follow:

  • Don't ever use an on camera flash.
  • Turn off your lamps and overhead lights. (I'm so bad about this one...)
  • If the room and the styling are ugly, it's likely your pictures will be ugly too.

Check out the full post for more of Costello's wisdom...


Stephanie said...

This is all great information. Thank you for sharing. I could use a few tips myself...

magpiesandmagnolias said...

I DIE for this chair. Die. Dead. There is one at my fave boutique Kacky and Carl (McKinney & Routh in Uptown) that I have been drooling over forEVER. But I dont think my apt mgrs would appreciate a gigantic hole in the ceiling. Boo.