A Complex Relationship

Clockwise from top: Balso plant pot, Ange chair, Sommar carafe and glasses, Greno cushion

I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA... You can literally see the ginormous yellow and blue sign from my office window, so I'm tempted into thinking I can quickly "pop over" for say, 2000 white dinner napkins or a lifetime supply of tealights...But then I mosey over there on my lunch break and am literally trapped in a maze of "one way" complexity. The place is utterly overwhelming, leaving me, on more than one occasion, to abort mission mid-shop, despite being loaded down with more gallery frames than any one reasonable person needs to posses. (I can't stop buying gallery frames.)

Despite all that, IKEA turns out some pretty stylish goods, they're awfully progressive (i.e. they charge for plastic bags and have nursing rooms in all their stores) and you really can't beat them for great kid's room furniture. So inevitably, I conveniently forget all my IKEA hate and end up schlepping over there yet again for more punishment.

The latest slew of summer goodies may just be worth the pain. These mellow, muted pieces are a refreshing reprieve from the inevitable sorbet colors and island prints of your typical summer decor. And, they have a sort of earthy bohemian vibe that I can't resist (and would make them a perfect compliment to that rattan chair I'm now officially boring you with).

Looks like I'll be dragging my happy self over there in the near future...


Jane said...

I'm very envious of you! The nearest one to me is 4.5 hours away :(

Modern Craft said...

Like you, I live near an IKEA and I'm constantly combing it for the inexpensive version of things I like. If you're choosy and don't lose yourself in the low-price frenzy of so much for so little (this is hard for me), they really do have some good design. I especially like their textiles. But for me, it has the same addictive quality as Target so I don't allow myself to go often!