A California State of Mind...

image via Caitlin's instagram

Audrey, Millie and I are off on a little mother/daughter trip to San Francisco tomorrow wherein we will spend time with this lovely lady and this one too, inhale some eucalyptus, revel in the scenery, hit some shops, recharge in the salt air, nosh some dim sum, and just generally bond.

I am so excited to show my girlies my soul place, my most. favorite. city. for the first time. Counting the minutes.


Heather said...

I just returned from SF and Sonoma two weeks ago. I stepped on the plane in Philly and it was 0 (zero) degrees out. We landed and I saw a boy asking an airline employee, "Is it hot here?" The guy says, "WHAT? No! It's 60 degrees ... wait. Did you guys just get in from Philly? Yeah, kid: It's hot." We just got another foot of snow today. Our CA trip was easily the best thing I've ever done in my life (or at least the past six months). Enjoy with your daughter!!

Kim said...


safe travels!!