Some Scenes...

Scenes from a particularly fun client install last week...

Scheming with Sam and Catie

My latest green acquisition

One of the (many) benefits of my job as a designer is getting to buy beautiful things -- for other people. The process satisfies my shopping jones (oh that universal need to acquire), sans the actual stuff (and quite possibly the remorse and debt). Suffice to say, this development has made my husband very happy.

The fact that I can be tempted by so many lovely, interesting, compelling things and somehow resist wanting to bring every. single. one. of them home surprised me at first. But somehow knowing what's out there and (most important) that there's always something more interesting, more lovely, more compelling makes it easier to hold out for the truly "blow my mind" stuff.

Oh I still have my occasional weak moment (or five). I literally can not leave my favorite nursery without schlepping a giant plant home (it might be intervention time on that one friends). Art and all manner of pottery is also a pretty bad scene. But in the past year and a half, more things have left my home than come in. I'm calling that progress.


Anisha said...

Whats nursery are you referring to in your post?

Joslyn said...

Sunshine Miniatures in Dallas. My total happy place.