Some Scenes...

I'm proud to report that the past week has involved an admirable balance of work, play (albeit of the slightly tipsy, laugh until your stomach aches variety), and recharge. It's been a good seven days, friends.

There was moodboarding, sourcing galore, materials ogling, and perusing stacks of fabric memos at the studio; fancy belated birthday lunch partaking with lovely cousin Erin; and a ridiculously fun/restorative Friday night dinner/dance party with Sara and Lucia that was one drink and a few hashtags away from total embarrassment (see slightly tipsy and laugh until your stomach aches), and a Sunday dinner out with some other mamas and girlies that was blissfully free of disaster (well the girlies did clog the restaurant's toilet, but minor considering what could have gone down).

Now I've just gotta keep this roll going...

Hope your weekend was splendid!

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