This lovely Maison Louis Marie perfume oil action via T Magazine, billed as "a sandalwood fragrance that smells remarkably warm like fig, yet also light and earthy — just right for modest ladies averse to the alcohol undertones of a traditional spray eau de toilette". Ummm, yes please.

And given the bitter windy cold snap we're in the midst of here in Dallas, I'm all about the oil of late. I am a lizard friends, I'm not gonna lie.

Next allow me to direct your attention to Heather's post on Paper Chase Press. That place is just insanely lovely in every way, yes?

This whole enterprise. And the fact that I'm loving it is not insignificant, as (I'm just going to go ahead and say it) I could do without all the reclaimed wood floating around out there in design land. For the most part I'm, well, totally over it, but then this little corner sneaks up on me and makes me reconsider my stance altogether. Although it could be the flowering branches and the perfect little bar tray and the orderly row of glasses...

Or maybe it's the wood.


(I can't for the life of me find the image credit on this one. If anyone knows, please shoot it my way.)

There is, however, no wavering on this bad boy. Oh how I'm loving pretty much every. single. thing. about this Somerset House situation via Remodelista. I mean that marble and those uniforms and that crazy gorgeous girl in the acid yellow dress. Perfection. (Thanks Janet.)

Finally there's the matter of Chicago-based design studio Sonnenzimmer's awesome hand-crafted posters. Obsessed. Full stop.

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Meg said...

Perfection. All of it.

Happy New Year musings!