(image via the coveteur)

Tavi...erudite, witty, honest, brave, accomplished -- an 18-year-old total badass (with some enviable mentors). Audrey and Millie, behold your role model.

Seriously lovely incense via Spartan shop.

Brian Paquette's treasure-filled Seattle apartment (oh the pottery) via Freunde von Freunde.

Chloe's gorgeous in every way SS/15 RTW collection.

A chic, graphic hand-embroidered wool blanket via Mille (aka one of the most perfectly curated shops on all the interwebs).

The prettiest (not to mention best smelling) bottle of lavender bath oil (the girlies are all about the lavender of late) via Vee Caravan (the other most perfectly curated shop on the interwebs)


justine said...

Gorgeous roundup! Can you recommend any scents of incense that aren't TOO "head-shoppy" :-)
I love what it can do to a room when done correctly!

Joslyn said...

My favorite incense is from Shoyeido. It's their Permanence coils in Johin. They smell completely amazing!