Some Scenes And The Minted Giveaway Winner

The past week has involved numerous spreads-o-delicious food (cheese plate-fueled lunches, fondue-laden birthday celebrations, and, well, you know...Thanksgiving), road tripping, sculpture garden antics, cousin fun, Christmas tree sussing (and cutting down -- Paul Bunyan's got nothing on us) and general "the holidays are officially here" merriment.

Now one of you lovely peeps gets to join the fun by picking out $500 worth of Minted holiday goodness and then mailing said goodness to all your nearest and dearest. Congrats Stephanie!

Hope your Thanksgiving break was splendid friends!


Hilary said...

Joslyn, my goodness... I couldn't help but stop and pay special attention to the wall of icons that you photographed for this post. You know, both my husband and I grew up Orthodox Christian with nearly identical icon "corners" in our family homes! My earliest memories involve images exactly like these. How did you come across it?

Joslyn said...

It's actually a wall at my parent's neighbors Nicole and Joseph's house in Louisiana. They're two amazing artists, so sweet and cool!


Hilary said...

That's awesome! I'm going to look them up now.