Holiday Gifts for Art Loving Peeps

Sarah Lyon's "Next Door, Stephen's Studio" -- So achingly beautiful; Your Victorian lit obsessed sister needs this. 

Alex Yudzon's "Mr. Tickle" -- I want this one. Bad. So does your cheeky best friend. 

Claire Colette's "Night Moves" -- This has your minimalist brother-in-law's name all over it. 

Lucia Simek's "Cleft" -- Your mom is wishing for marble counter tops, but you're giving her art instead. Hello, best. daughter. ever. 

Andrew Zarou's "Sibelius Tree" -- The fun pop of color would help ignite the art bug in your babysitter.

If you happen to be one of those people that, despite best intentions, doesn't really start shopping for holiday gifts until the 23rd hour (or day) then, friends, you've come to the right place. (Oh and we're kindred spirits.)

All those awesome late November gift guides seem like a distant memory to me by the time I get around to procuring the perfect presents for my loved ones. And when I do remember one, I end up clicking on a link only to find out that all the (incredibly smart) early birds out there have rendered said item unavailable. What's a holiday gift slacker to do?

So for my fellow procrastinators out there, I'm going to share some gifty things this week that might come in handy as you get your shop on.

First up, some rather awesome (and affordable) art. I've mentioned Grove and Ceremony here on the blog before, as they always curate such an amazing group of artists. And yet again, they did not disappoint. All of the pieces above are available as 8x10 prints for $50. Pop one into a frame and you're officially the coolest and most cultured gift giver of all time.

Done and done.

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Misha said...

I loved these gifts for said people because I KNOW people like the minimalist brother-in-law and cheeky best friend. Those are perfect gifts for them! Thanks for sharing!