Millie Finally Gets Her Day

I think it's safe to say that my sweet Millie frequently gets the shaft. She is, after all, the little sister -- she gets hand-me-down clothes, hand-me-down shoes, hand-me-down bedrooms, and lately even hand-me-down attention. (That last one being particularly shameful to admit, but I blame it on Audrey's current struggles with 5th grade homework... Oy vey.)

The kid has been squatting in her sister's old room, last "decorated" when said sister was 2, and has never complained once. Never mind that this very same sister has been the recipient of two bedroom makeovers, including one that was designed for a magazine shoot (i.e. we blew it out). Clearly it's high time that the Millster got her due.

Enter "Operation Millie's Totally Awesome New Purple Bedroom" (her title).

Ok, confession time. I've been acting all freaked out about the purple thing, but it's all a big charade. I love freakin' purple. Love it. It's my secret guilty pleasure. In fact, purples's been my jam since I was a Prince-obsessed tween.

Prince...sigh. Ok, moving on.

We've been pinning for months. Scheming. Strategizing. Negotiating. Millie was a tough customer. Scratch that. She was the Hardest. Client. Ever. (Kid's got an opinion.) And finally we settled on the design direction happening in that moodboard above. Finally.

Now it's go time. We swathed the walls in Benjamin Moore's Majestic Mauve last week. Curtains were procured. A new rug is in route. Art is being pondered. I've cajoled Bryan into some IKEA hacking action. It's all coming together.

Can't wait to get this bad boy done. Stay tuned...


Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

Its great when children have their own ideas and especially when they can be involved and see it come to fruition! Have fun! :-) xx

Kim said...

Yay, Millie! I can't wait to see the outcome! :)