And Speaking of Birthdays...Scenes From a (Fete Filled) Weekend

The weekend involved celebrating two of my favorite people's special days...

First up, sweet baby Wil's first birthday soiree, wherein there was tamale noshing, cake smashing, teepee lounging, and feather donning. (Oh and the littles had fun too.) Sam knocked it out of the park with a slew of sweet/simple/meaningful/memorable/clever details. Sam is just good like that.

It was the perfect way to honor the first 365 days of this amazing little man's life. Well played sister. Well played.

Next up my rockin' little mama Gracie's mermaid-themed 9th birthday festivities. Utter magic. I'm telling you friends, nobody creates dreamier kiddo parties than my insanely, gobsmackingly, (unfairly) creative friend Achlee. Full stop.

Hope your weekend was splendid.

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