Oh Elsa...

Duane Michals portrait of Peretti at her worktable, in Halston, 1974. From the Condé Nast archive via Vanity Fair .

I didn't just listen to the TED Radio Hour during our epic roadtrip to Florida. I also read. A lot. Vanity Fair, Vogue, Porter, back issues of The Gentlewoman, Bon Appétit, The New Yorker, The World of Interiors... You name it; I read it.

And from those hundreds of pages consumed during read-fest 2014, I think my favorite image was the above one of Elsa Peretti from this (excellent) Vanity Fair piece.

Umm.. Giant cactus, terra-cotta pot, sleek wood desk, sculptural accessories and vessels, chic cream silk blouse? Yes, please.

The shot was taken in 1974, yet it could be your coolest artist friend at home today. Totally timeless. Totally perfect. I am smitten.

And speaking of Madame Peretti, these three pretties conjured up by the brilliant designer have been on my wish list for eons...

Thumbprint dish

Black bone cuff

Round pendant

Oh Elsa...


Anonymous said...

That thumbprint dish is great! and it really doesn't hurt that she's casually drinking a glass of wine in that photo :)

Unknown said...

I'm smitten too! that's for some Friday fabulousness


Unknown said...

What a wonderful space. The attention to detail is just glorious.