Some Scenes...From The Week (And The Cobbler's Shoes)

Sams' killer bookshelves part one...

Gorgeous sculpture at Sputnik Modern

Orchid-mania at the casa

And the bookshelf hits just keep coming. (Sam, if I didn't love you I'd hate you...I'm not gonna lie.)

More Sputnik goodness...

Now that I spend my days helping other people beautify their homes, it's not altogether uncommon to, well, ignore my own abode completely. Forget zushing and vignette-arranging and freshening of the cuttings and whatnot, for the past six month or so, I've considered the weekend a grand success if I manage to get through a few loads of laundry, catch up on email, and weed through the girls clothes to suss out the things that still fit (almost nothing).

But over the past few weekends the tide has changed a bit. Sam's new house has inspired a spate of furniture and objet d'art -arranging marathons, and a little photo shoot at my house this week set off a full-blown living room switch up -- I moved nearly every. single. piece. of furniture friends... The jury's still out on the final result. Let's just say I'm marinating.

I have to say it's felt good to lavish a little attention on my own casa and to get my design shark on just for fun at Sam's.... Sometimes you gotta practice what you preach, yes?

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see how it's all landed!