Loving...On A Saturday (Hey, Why Not?)

What do you say we shake things up a bit and do a Saturday edition of loving? And how about we kick off said edition with the Rose Marie Auberson's beautiful mixed-media pieces? Lovely, yes?

Then there's the matter of Totokaelo's office tour over on Remodelista. Totokaelo = coolest. retail. situation. ever. Full stop.

And don't even get me started on Celine's brass/leather/knit summer tote goodness. Love.

I've also long loved this photo of Joan Didion by Julian Wasser, but after reading a fascinating article about Wasser in the latest issue of W, I am even more smitten.

And last but not least, can we revel in Nikole Herriott's latest gorgeous offerings... the product, the styling, the photography -- perfection, all of it.


annie said...

Love it all. Except the prices which make my eyes water. Still, looking costs nothing but time...

Joslyn said...

I'm with you. Virtual shopping is the next best thing, yes?