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I professed my love for Camille Bidault-Waddington in last week's loving list, but, truth is, I've been nursing a full-blown girl crush on the French stylist for a while. Said crush has had me on a bit of a Camille-centric Google binge over the past couple of days, during which, I found this stellar nugget:

"Rigorously read all the magazines on the market. Go to the museum — Google Images doesn’t count. Be modest, and work your arse off!” (via business of fashion.)

Bidault-Waddington was dispensing advice for aspiring stylists trying to break into today’s fashion industry, though I think it's pretty spot-on advice for anyone in a remotely creative field... Anytime someone asks me how to get inspired, I inevitably tell them to hit the museum, take a road trip, explore a new neighborhood, plow through a few obscure magazines, and, for the love of Francis, get. off. the. computer.

Now if I could only follow my own damn advice. Oy vey.

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second floor dweller said...

Yes! This should translate to architecture/ interior design too. Walk thru buildings, stop google searching dream bathrooms.