Some Work...

I promised more deets about my very first Swoon install, so whattya say we end the week with a handful-o-snaps of the final product?

The mission was to transform a 600-square-foot apartment into an airy, beachy abode that the client could use as a guest space... a little retreat if you will.

So we set out to create a sort of low-key Montauk meets Northern California vibe (albeit in the middle of landlocked Dallas) and outfitted the one-bedroom abode from the ground up with bleached woods, natural fabrics, and pretty organic bits and bobs. The client had several pieces that we incorporated, specifically the sofa in the living area, the chair in the bedroom, and a few pieces of art, and we filled in the rest (furnishings, accessories, lightening, art, rugs, towels, sheets, clothes hangers, cleaning supplies... the whole enchilada).

Done and done!

And in more design goodness, next week I'll be giving you guys the (extremely belated) low-down on Audrey's dream bedroom designed by the lovely and amazing Janet Gridley.

Happy weekend friends!


Unknown said...

I have been quietly following both you and Sam's blogs over the last few years, and it is SO cool to see you two working together now. What a dream team! Can't wait to see what's next.


Bethany said...

Beautiful! I've been thinking of getting that chandelier from the living area. Would you say it puts off a good bit of light?

Joslyn said...

Thank you so much!!!

I'd go for it! It's a good light source, for sure.

Meg said...

Well done, and I think you accomplished that effect perfectly. Beautiful photos and imagery.

Elegance and ease...that is what this space says to me. It has "retreat" written all over it.

Nice! Happy weekending.