Some Scenes...

Last week involved sleuthing out insanely lovely treasures for a client (Giant quartz slab? Mother of Pearl inlay console? Check and check.); prepping for a big baby shower install this weekend; a lovely Birchbox dinner; a work event; parent/teacher conferences; volleyball, ballet, and soccer practices (the girlies, not me); and sundry other goodness that I attempted to power through as a single mama (albeit with lots of help from the grandparents), as Bryan was gone on an eight-day work trip. I missed him. I'm not gonna lie. But the missing made celebrating our anniversary yesterday even sweeter. It was our 13th anniversary to be exact (on October 13th of 2013), so I'm thinking it was a lucky one... Or at least that's what I'm going with.

Trifecta of oft-maligned numbers that I choose to attribute happy and magical qualities to aside, I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world: I have an interesting, challenging, creative career that I genuinely enjoy; an amazing, supportive family; and insanely talented, generous, and wickedly funny friends.

But most of all, I have those girlies and that hubby of mine. The absolute tops. Do not pass go; Do not collect $200. I'm just going to marinate in the gratitude today. Cool?


Anisha said...


I live in Dallas (North North Dallas) and was wondering if you could tell me the names of the places in Dallas for Furniture shopping? I know all the main ones like restoration hardware, crate and barrel, west elm, sputnik, White Elephant, Again and Again, Scout, etc.. but I love the images above and would love to know your recommendations! Would greatly appreciate it.

Joslyn said...

Hi Anisha
Some of those shots are actually from White Elephant and Scout. I also love Debris, Art of Old India, and Ceylon et Cie...All are a bit more expensive but really beautiful and inspiring.

Other (more affordable) faves: Found, Vieux (in Richardson), Lots of Furniture, Form, Nest, and the flea market at Wisteria.

Hope this helps!!