Loving...One A Wednesday

All the beautiful little moments and magical oddities in Fedrico De Vera's home as featured in Elle Decor (via Joanna)...I've love this space every since I first saw it in Elle Decor. Every time I come across it again it just further fuels my jonesin' for a De Vera pilgrimage. Soon...

The action going down inside Isabel Marant's studio in anticipation of fashion week via Garance. I especially love how she describes the atmosphere as "really easy -- all the girls in the studio are cool and stylish." I want to be "really easy, cool, and stylish" in the face of heart-stopping deadlines. Wonder if wearing more Isabel will help me achieve that state?


The solid brass, marble, and smoky glass goodness of Australian designer Henry Wilson's STRT table. Beyond awesome, yes?

The gorgeous moody florals in Dries Van Noten's Spring 2014 RTW collection (via style.com). I'm not so much a fan of the florals on the sartorial front, but Dries might just convert me. It also helps that he's eschewed traditional spring hues in favor of a more autumnal palette of burgundies and navy and ochre and whatnot. Just sayin.'

Oh and I am seriously considering a bomber jacket for fall, specifically that number above number from Zara. Though having lived through the 80s, I'm a bit worried about veering into Members Only territory. Thoughts?

That Julie has finally opened an online shop for her brilliant ceramics. I want every. single. one. of these Object & Totem beauties. 


allison said...

bomber jacket for sure! that maroon reminds me more of the early 90s- wearing babydoll flower dresses from contempo paired with doc marten boots while listening to nirvana and stone temple pilots. ha! and YES that table is beyond-


melissa loves said...

Whoa. That table! Swoon....and I am SO enamored with all things Isabel! The fact that everyone is all laid back makes me love her work even more. Then those florals?

Anonymous said...

i love every single thing about this post, bomber jacket included. : )


Heather Taylor said...

So much goodness here! Finally catching up on blogs and this is making me extremely happy. xo