Loving...On A Wednesday

Beauty wisdom from the gorgeous French photog Sonia Sieff via French Vogue... Especially this:
Be careful! Sleep more, don't go out in the sun... I can see the first changes to my face and I try to accept the inevitable by telling myself that I don't earn my living from my face
Oh and this too:
I am always mindful that I am lucky to be earning my living from my passion. Never let stress eat away at you, or let yourself be brought down by negative people.

Designer and writer David Netto  partaking in some sun-strewn breakfast action with his littles + his incredibly sweet description of the whole scene.

"My darlings at breakfast, which sometimes requires an eye patch. I moved to LA to be this person." 

Lovely, yes?

J.Crew's horse embellished sweatshirt... I can't even begin to tell you how far out of my wheelhouse a horse embellished sweatshirt is, and, yet, paired with this killer Italian leopard printed calf hair skirt, it's all I can think about.

And speaking of things I can't stop thinking about, get a load of Tom Dixon's six-piece Form tea set. Obsessed. Full stop.

Rodin Cremea in the hands of the super chic Lucille Demory via Remodelista... It should be noted that I am also loving Lucille's genius blog Post Patternism...

And then there's the matter of her sister, the designer Clarisse Demory and all the insanely beautiful moments in her apartment (also via Remodelista). Clearly I am digging the French ladies this week.

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Jocy said...

Love this post. And wise words to heed.