Inspired By: Simone Shubuck

(Simone chilling in Monet's garden in a boy's seersucker suit from Brooks Brothers circa 1995.)

It's time for another "Inspired By" post, and this time the creative lady in question is the supremely cool Simone Shubuck. My crush on Simone officially began late last year when I spotted her killer Chelsea garden apartment in the NYT, and it only grew after seeing images of pieces from her solo exhibit, "Do You Like Old Things or New Things That Look Old?" at Taylor De Cordoba (running through tomorrow... if you are in Los Angeles, get thee to this show).

A mother, artist, and former floral designer, Simone utilizes pencil, crayon, paint, old drawings, antique photographs, and lithographs to create highly detailed mixed media works on paper that explore our relationship with the past and how it influences our current ideas. The resulting pieces are romantic, compelling, wholly energetic, and, well, just stunning.

(Works by Simone. The bottom two pieces are part of her exhibit “Do You Like Old Things or New Things That Look Old?” currently on display at Heather Taylor's Taylor de Cordoba gallery in Los Angeles.)

But I think it was the interchange with Simone as I was pulling this post together that sealed the deal -- from the goofy (and totally endearing) photo of her in a paper crown that she sent me to the description of women that inspire her as "badasses" (a term near and dear to me), Simone proved to be a true original. She is witty, smart, crazy talented, funny, and yes, totally inspiring.

So without further ado, herewith five things inspiring Simone of late. Enjoy~

(Simone's Inspirations: 1. Pat Passlof's studio via the NYT 2. Her garden in progress by Miranda Brooks 3. A photo of her children 4. A piece by Judith Scott)

Other Artists -- The artists of Creative Growth especially Judith Scott (work shown above) and Gerone Spruill from the painter Scott Olsen to someone like Gordon Matta Clarke I'm going to Venice this summer and really excited to see all the pavilions but always get a lot out of what's shown in the Arsenale.

Artists' Studios -- Seems the same as artists but it's not exactly-- artists studios. Whether it's the Brancusi room at the Pompidou Center or Roald Dahl's writing room, i love to see the spaces where magic shit goes down. I recently got a tour of deceased New York painter Pat Passlof's former home and studio which was an old synagogue in Manhattan and there was none of her work in it but seeing the space and feeling her discipline, having lived her life in creativity was truly moving. Other examples of this have been touring the Judd Foundation building- which just blows your mind- how clear and unique his vision was.

Our Garden -- I feel very fortunate to be work on my own garden with Miranda Brooks. She has so much knowledge and such a clear and strong vision. We are making these huge edible sections with tons of currants, angelica, bronze fennel and english roses that make drifts after a vegetable area,,. It is a whole sensory experience- she is teaching me about what to smell everyday for health reasons. i am learning a ton and really thrilled by how it looks now and how it will change and grow over time. Plants and flowers have always informed my work but this is a new level of it and it is very exciting.

Marlon and Ruby Pics -- I've been taking pictures of my 5-year-old-son and his " wife' nee BFF- Ruby together since they were born. They were really a funny and hilarious duo at the beginning and it just keeps getting better.

My Friends -- Not limited too but definitely including the working moms- who give so much and get so much done. It's so easy to feel like you're not doing enough. I have a number of major badasses in my circle from who i get support, advice and in general major inspiration from them all the time.


petal and plume said...

i adored reading this. so much beauty! thanks for sharing.

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