Outtakes, Creative Collaborations, Falls, and Amazing Women...

"The hardest part of writing is writing." 
Nora Ephron

After spending the better part of the weekend writing, writing, writing, in an attempt to finish the Spring issue of D Moms, hearing the above quote by the late (and utterly brilliant) Nora Ephron during last night's Oscar telecast was especially poignant. I mean the woman is a freakin' creative genius, and she was vexed by writing. It's comforting somehow, really... So comforting, in fact, that upon hearing her say it, I may have taken a giant gulp of wine, yelled out, "AMEN SISTER," and then started laughing maniacally.

Suffice to say, Bryan and Audrey were frightened.

Due to the aforementioned writing fest, there are no weekend snaps to share on this fair Monday. There are, however, a few snaps from the D Moms shoots we did last week. Said snaps happen to be filled with a cadre of smart, creative, funny, amazing women like, say... (my D Moms partner in crime) the amazing Jamie Oliver, oh and Susan O'Brien and Mindy Bryd and Brittany Winter and Maureen Dalton Wolfe... and even my sweet Millie.

I am a little fried, I'm not gonna lie. But man do I feel lucky to work alongside women like these. And the fact that my daughter gets to be a part of it, to see what a collaborative, fun, challenging, rewarding work environment looks like? Huge, huge bonus. Despite minimal sleep and losing 7 inches of skin off my left knee due to a crazy spill I took on the street outside the shoot, I still walked away from the two days completely blissed out. Injured and tired but blissed out nonetheless.

It's good stuff.


Chelsea said...

Oh Joslyn. You are amazing. I am sure your daughters will grow up to be great women, take a gulp of wine to their own creative inspiration, and think about how inspiring you were to them. And not just to them. Thank you for taking the time, even when life is so full, so share on the blog. I can't wait to see what the next issue brings! xo

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

You go girl!! I admire all that you do - work, family and life. This is a fabulous quote that all of us should holla out every once and awhile!!

So excited to see the Spring issue of D Moms!!

Keep up all of the fabulous work! xx

la la Lovely said...

just catching up and can't quite figure out where to comment...so much good stuff.

decided here because i love that quote and am so inspired by what you are doing! i can only imagine all of the work that goes into the publication! keep at it. you are only getting better and better. cannot wait to see the next issue!

and here is to writing!!!!!

xo . trina