Some Scenes From The Weekend...

The weather this weekend was so amazing, all sunny and cool, that it was nearly impossible to have anything but a completely splendid two days. But we completely lucked out, as in addition to the blissful temps, there was all sorts of other goodness going on. 

Friday we had a family dinner with Janet and her crew...It should be noted that Janet is a stellar cook, so any meal at her place is a good meal, but Friday's Asian short ribs with sesame cucumber salad and sauteed spinach was especially amazing. On Saturday, I got a head start on my February "Almost 40" goal by exercising more in an eight hour period than I have for the entire three months prior. There was a long, hilly (i.e. hard) morning walk with my friend B, a hilarious yoga session in our den with the girlies, and then roller skating with Millie later that evening at a dress up party. The highly active day ended with me, Millie, and my mom partaking in burgers on the couch while watching the excellent Salmon Fishing in The Yemen.

Sunday, in between catching up on magazines and brunch with family in from out of town, I popped by my friend Julie's awesome house (that's her studio on the last three snaps above) where we chatted curtains and fabric and furniture (for her living room) and her amazing rings (for my finger). 

Whew... packed with goodness, yes? Hope your weekend was fantastic friends!


Chelsea said...

Julie's rings are gorgeous and created so beautifully. Looks like a great weekend. xo

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

Sounds like a blissful weekend! And I'm in l-o-v-e with Julie's jewelry! Tell Janet hi :)

Sveta Holland said...

it's very interestung thing in the bowl,
what is it?

Joslyn said...

Hi Sveta
it's a wooden spoon and a bronzed poppy pod

Unknown said...