Loving...On A Wednesday

The supremely cool Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride via Tales of Endearment... I want to be Molly's friend. Big time. (And don't even get me started on her bathroom. Sigh.)

The Menil Collection feature in the latest Lonny... Aside from some "passing through" situations, I've never really spent any time of note in Houston. I'm feeling a road trip in my (very) near future.

J.Crew's big brass knot cuff action. Love. So much so that I had to blog about it over here too. (The Menil collection also makes a second appearance in that space, it was just that good.)

Genius stylist Lili Diallo's latest endeavor, Hey Billie... The deep dive into a single space is a nice break from the massive online mag. Less is more, yes?

Jordan's braid bar. All of it... Everything.

Cecile Daladier's gorgeous ceramics via Hunter Gatherer(er)...

And speaking of Hunter Gatherer(er), Ashley's lovely house too... Always.


Chelsea said...

Just read Molly's interview. So cool. I want to be her friend too- cocktails? I love the easy way that Hey Billie reads- I posted about it today too! Great minds. xo

Chau said...

Yes! Come to Houston. So much to see and eat here.

Unknown said...

I want to be Molly's friend too, haha there's a bit of competition now! This is a really lovely post and it includes so many wonderful ideas.I like the unusual ceramics.

Unknown said...

Oh please make a trip to Houston! I would love to see my city through your eyes. We are planning a trip to The Menil Collection this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for the tip :)