Some Scenes From The Weekend

The cadence of our weekends are so different since I started my new job. It used to be that my weekdays were largely spent holed up in an office in the suburbs of Dallas or frantically working at home. Come week's end, I was itching to break free, craving creative human contact in the worst way. We'd pick the girlies up from school Friday afternoon and head out to a restaurant or have friends over for dinner. Then the roster-o-inspiring activities would kick in... the museum, some vintage shops, a day trip to Ft. Worth. I just wanted to do, see, soak in.


Now I do, see, soak in all week long. I'm constantly absorbing, flexing (or at least attempting to flex) my creative muscles. By the weekend I want to watch a sitcom and eat fast food. (Just kidding!!) But I do want to hunker down at home and regroup. I've officially become a "weekend domestic arts specialist." How do you like that title? I rearrange little vignettes around the house, cook, water plants, spruce, sweep, do laundry. (Heck, yesterday I even ironed, and I never iron.) If I do venture out, it's to hit the grocery or make goodwill runs. This weekend I literally didn't leave the house (at all) until 5:00 yesterday afternoon when Millie and I joined a group of her buddies for a mother/daughter dinner date.

I'm not gonna lie, after two days of partaking in the domestic arts, I feel a little pent up, but then all of the sudden it's Monday and I get to go, go, go again.

I love it when things just sort of work out like that. It's a good thing. I am grateful.


UrbanChiqueNess said...

Love it. I remember as a kid my entertainment would be to rearrange my room, cluster my stuff....now we just do it the grown up way!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love this post. Books are the best accessories one can have. They are functional and educational. We did a photo shoot this past weekend, the client had NO BOOKS! I had to transport my entire library! So glad to see you have some floating around!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Finley said...

I love the "domestic arts specialist"! I'm the same way as you were pre-new job. Weekends were for enjoying with family & friends (and never for ironing!) So glad you have the new job though.

Megan Taylor said...

Loving the softness of these photos. Really working for me today! xo

Lindsey said...

Beautiful it's all about finding some balance!

Rachael said...

Sounds simple lovely indeed!

(PS I would comment more if I didn't have to prove that I am not a robot. Maybe I am the only person who struggles with this but somehow my characters never match, even when I am being quite meticulous. Usually I end up aborting my mission and you don't get the kudos I intended.)

Chelsea said...

ha! I love this...domestic arts can be very draining. Joslyn- I am OBSESSED with the D Moms blog and can't wait to get the magazine. No, I am not a mom yet, but the content is amazing. Congrats. Thanks for making Dallas such a culturally rich place.

Kim said...

Joslyn, I am so happy for you! You finally have the balance you need - a job that allows you an outlet for all your creativity and talent! Your work at D Home is engaging and the new D Moms magazine is stunning!!!!! I can't think of someone more deserving of a break - you worked really hard to get yourself here.