Some Scenes From The Weekend (Exactly Two...)

I'm a day late on this one friends, but better late than never, yes? Part of the delay has to do with the fact that sweet Millie is fighting some sort of cold/flu/general crud action that she can't seem to shake. Think hacking cough, fever, malaise...the whole enchilada. It's not pretty.

There was an upside to the sad state of my sweet girl though -- it forced us to slow to a crawl for the entire weekend. I left the house exactly twice: to procure provisions from the Whole Foods and to scare up something to wear to the D Moms launch party tonight (more on that later). Otherwise it was two days of reading, watching movies, and cooking restorative, fallish meals like my beloved Alice Waters carrot soup. Topped with a dollop of crème fraîche and served with a salad and some crusty bread and for a minute all was right with the world. It's that good.

Hope you had a splendid weekend.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for enjoying a slow weekend and seeing a bit of sun in a not great scenario. Hope Millie is better soon!

- Miss Lindsey D

Eleven11Design said...

Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food is soooo inspiring. I'm following your lead and cracking it open for the weekend...love!

Megan Taylor said...

Once again, parallel lives! I cooked Alice Waters' "A Very Green Soup" on Friday night. It's full of bright green veggies, topped with some lemon juice and olive oil. Obviously, sourdough bread was by its side...

Hope Millie's feeling better! xo

nicole said...

because of this post, i made alice waters carrot soup. it was delish. planning on eating the leftovers tonight. thanks for the tip.