Loving...On A Wednesday

Emmanuelle Alt in all her pared back, all black, French chic glory. She is, for me, the epitome. (Via, appropriately, All Things Stylish.)

The seemingly awesome new Minneapolis shop The Foundry (billed as, "simple, useful, and beautiful objects for the home") via the exceedingly awesome Minneapolis ladies Dull Diamond ladies.

But I especially love this from The Foundry's site:

"The Foundry supports a life-long relationship with well-made and thoughtfully curated goods, while encouraging a non-disposable lifestyle with fewer and better home things."

"A non-disposable lifestyle with fewer and better home things"... Yes please.

And speaking of beautiful things...Lauren's books. Always.

Stunning, soulful Meg's (on left) take on a "cleanse." I am feeling out of sorts in the worst possible way today. I needed this Meg. Thank you.

Marissa Webb's rings and flowers...

And her easy white shirt, laid back beauty, oh and that can of Coke. She is supremely cool...She just personifies this line via Keep it Chic:

"So unfussy, she made almost everyone else look overdone."

Don't you think?

Jamie's backyard wildflowers book. At last.

MF Miller's handmade brass knot cuff. Had I not skipped my jewelry class this week (see: feeling out of sorts) I might be on the road to making something like this myself... Someday.


Rita TOMORROWtoday said...

hooray for a minneapolis shout out! went into the foundry last week and it really is perfect... such beautiful, meaningful pieces. thanks for introducing me to another minneapolis blogger!

Misha said...

Your assortment of all things loved is inspiring. I hope whatever you need for your soul you find quickly, and if not, that you're able to find standing ground. Thanks for keeping me inspired and realizing what "simple lovely" means.

Nomadic D. said...

Headed over to Poem Sweet Poem to check out her post on centering, and I absolutely loved it. Thanks so much for sharing that link!


lauren said...

** t h a n k y o u J O S L Y N **

xo - Lauren

Jessica Clare said...

Lovely stuff as always! The highlight of my year was when Marissa Webb started following me on Pinterest... no clue why she did but wow! Totally made my year. She is the coolest :)- Jessica Clare

Megan Taylor said...

Sweet Joslyn, I'm so happy the post spoke to you. Clearly I was in a "state" when I wrote it. The weekend is coming soon, which means I'll be taking lots of my own advice. Thank you for the "loving" -- you're always in inspiration to me! xoMeg

Jenna Kingman said...

Marissa Webb is my new girl crush! So chic!

Yelle said...

I love that pipe on the stack of books!
I agree with previous posters - she is so chic!