Some Scenes From The Weekend

We spent the weekend recovering from last week (it was a doozy of a week at work), preparing for this week (another doozy happening as I type), and getting the girlies geared up for the new school year (a week from today... holy cow).

As part of this "gearing up", Audrey and I embarked on some mother/daughter back-to-school shopping in which I tried to "let go"... a lot. Let's just say that Audrey's favorite store of late is, well...my least favorite. Said store shall remain nameless, as nothing good comes from disparaging, but I can say that it's loud and colorful and bright and garish... But I'm sure my mother felt the same when I would drag her to the Contempo Casuals at the Fair Oaks mall circa 1985, so this, I suppose, is the universe paying me back. (Only this time, thankfully, there are no mall bangs involved.)

Post harrowing shopping expedition, I had a good stiff drink, and then we upped the culture ante with a fun event at The Reading Room where the girlies got to embrace their inner patriots with songs and flag making. Good times for sure.

Hope you weekend was splendid!


Megan Taylor said...

Can you believe the school year is already here!? I can feel it now, even with school long behind me. I don't think that feeling ever goes away. xo

La Turka said...

I hardly ever comment and have just discovered your blog - but I had to say something - Contempo Casuals at the Fair Oaks mall in 1985 !!!!?? Holy Crap - I just had a flash back - and I laughed out loud - oh my god - I had buried those middle school days as deeply as possible.

Thanks so much for that blast from the past. I just had to take my almost middle schooler to "justice" and knew it reminded me of something I am not fond of. :)

Rita TOMORROWtoday said...

love this post! i loved contempo casuals.. and wet seal. gross.

stephanie. said...

oh my. do they have "justice" in texas because i'm feeling as if we must be having the same experience. so difficult when the littles' fashion choices make mommy cringe, yes?

pretty sure i purchased my straight A's reward outfit at contempo casuals at the mission viejo mall in 1985. ha! also had me laughing out loud.

happy monday!

Kelly said...

It surely must be Justice! Oh, how I hate that place. Yet somehow I always get conned or duped by my 10-year-old into dropping a lot of cash on their glittery, tissue-thin stuff.

Betsy said...

I guess we all had the same thought! And for the record: Contempo was WAY better than Justice is!

I still miss Contempo. And T. Edwards.

celinejn said...

I was thinking the same thing! Justice! You are a far better woman than me I will not let my daughter go in there. We still do most of our shopping online where I can control a little and she can choose a little. As in "I love this shirt for you. Do you like it? Which color/pattern would you like?"

Joslyn said...

Celine -- yes I am 100% on board with your tactic, but somehow it's failing me all of the sudden.... now that audrey is almost 9, she can't get enough of that store that I refuse to name (but that all of you guessed correctly in the comments) ;-)

Unknown said...

Funny how we all pegged it. I avoid the mall completely, just so we're never tempted. Ella just turned nine a couple of weeks ago, and I can still get her into Tea most days, which to me is a happy point for clothing at her age. She's into comfy - I'm into durability and a wee bit of style.

Unfortunately, it's harder to avoid Target, which tends to get a bit Justice like in it's tween stylings. You have to pass the girls clothing section to get to shampoo and garbage bags.

jessie pearl said...

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Lashley said...

Fair Oaks Mall! Reminds me of mall portraits and "discovering" Abercrombie and Fitch (before it because that dark, perfume-y, shirtless fest).

Happy new school year!