Some Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend couldn't have been more different from our last. Seven days ago we were dancing in the rain with art world stars -- all festive and glam and what have you. This weekend we were sweating and eating burgers and watching kids movies. Not so glam or fab or fancy, but really fun nonetheless.

Bryan toiled away in the yard, tending to the strawberries and blackberries and blueberries and tomatoes and some unidentifiable plant we think might be a cabbage (don't ask), while I embarked on "Operation Patio Beautification" for a fun little project I participated in (more on that later). There was also some sprucing-up of the master bedroom and an impromptu Sunday dinner involving a rather impressive play performed by the kiddos, great conversation, and sad, overdone (cooking just wasn't my strong suit this weekend) goat cheese polenta. 

And of course the aforementioned In and Out Burger enjoyed while piled on the couch watching The Muppets with the girlies. We are nothing if not high class.

Hope your weekend was excellent!


kristineW said...

Gorgeous well-curated home! Love the large black board and the thoughtful details. Pray tell, are the first and last images your patio or den?

UrbanChiqueNess said...


Is that your outside patio...loving the covered outdoor space. Heavenly and very well curated. Relaxing weekends at home are the best.

Unknown said...

What beautiful spaces in your home. Sounds like a perfect weekend with the family.

who gets to taste test the 'cabbage' plant?

Megan Taylor said...

I am LOVING that chalkboard! How fun for the girlies :)

Also, the bottles of Pellegrino. So chic and refreshing. Looks like you had a great weekend.


nelya said...

Joslyn, your patio is as exquisite as the rest of your amazing and lovely home. What a wonderful sanctuary for your family. I am crazy about the outdoor chalkboard and I love that concrete (?) planter to the left. Gorgeous!

About Last Weekend said...

It all look so serene at your house...I think we have that same cabbage plant at our place

Unknown said...

I love the Turkish Kilim pillow! It's really very sweet xx

stephanie. said...

can you tell me where you got that old-school black board please? i've wanted one like it in our back yard since i spied one in one of your pictures a long time ago.

love the photos!

Joslyn said...

hi stephanie
it's actually salvaged from Texas A&M. A friend that used to work there gave it to us. It was quite the score!

Joslyn said...

Kristine W
It's our back patio!