Little Luxuries

(photograph by Helenio Barbetta via Desire to Inspire)

"Build in little daily luxuries in your life."

I read this over on Rachel's blog a while ago, and I keep coming back to it. Even though I'm a details gal to the core, I need the gentle nudge every once and a while to take time for small delights...the "want tos" amidst all the "have tos" if you will.

Here are a few daily luxuries I'm hoping to work into the weekend:
  • A pedicure with Bryan's mom
  • Cooking dinner for new friends
  • Fresh flowers for our bedroom
  • A long family bike ride
What's on your list?

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Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Sounds like you some lovely things planned.

Mine will include a lovely dinner out with the Huzz celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.
A haircut hopefully.
A drive over to the coast to enjoy freshair and sunshine.

Happy weekend.

UrbanChiqueNess said...

Did you see my post about appreciating your surroundings! Love your thoughts too...so agree. Unfortunately, this weekend will not be one of little luxuries. Styling three fashion shows at the Mart for Bridal & StyleMax. After walking miles and miles each day, I will be needing that pedicure come Monday! In fact, I will make the appt tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, sounds delightful.

Tan said...

I love that pop of green on the tea pot in that picture!
Hmmm for me, a walk in the sun.

Unknown said...

Those are the things life is made of, though we often desire more. Being outside is always on my list! Sarina @ lowtidehightide.blogspot.com