Lou Doillon and Selma Blair in this Miu Miu ad...just two seriously lovely ladies (both quite adept at rockin' the bangs). Speaking of which, I'm feeling the need for a little tweak to my bangs (or fringe)... I'm thinking of getting them a bit thicker and more bold like Lou and Selma's.

We'll see...

This Chad Randl A-frame via Old Chum... All that wood and glass and that giant Noguchi lantern. It's just an utterly perfect space.

Lara Melchior's ├╝ber "stack" via Garance. Just so, so good.

Maybe the chicest pondering of all-time via Tales of Endearment.

Bracelet envy courtesy of Zoe Buckman on The Glow...That Chanel number is pretty stellar.

Francoise making tea... (Via the wool gatherer.)

The first birthday party that Karen threw for her sweet Sophia -- so simple and right-on in every way.

(As a side note, Karen was being shot for the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens on the same day I was being shot for December. Hanging out with her was, by far, a highlight of an already spectacular day, as she is immensely lovely and kind. Oh and she brought homemade scones for the crew, so there's that too...)


Heather Taylor said...

love it all, babe. especially the chic pondering.

Victoria said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog everyday. Your writing is stellar, not to mention your everyday ease with style and just good stuff! Thank you for brightening my otherwise very not so good morning.

About Last Weekend said...

All that soothing one-tone wood and glass makes me realise I don't have to "wake up" every room in our house. Lovely.

Robin said...

I love the simplicity of that shower. Perfectly done.