Some Cool Happenings in Dallas (+ An Ode to My Amazing Friends)

There are a couple of v. cool events happening in Dallas this week that I'm pretty jazzed about.

The first is the inaugural "tinyDallas Group Art Imitation DIY". Those of you peeps that keep up with tinyDallas might know that one of our editors, the super creative Lucia Simek, does regular "Art Imitation DIY" posts that are pretty brilliant. One of our goals when we started tinyDallas was to help create a stronger focus on smart, creative, interesting things for littles to do in our fair city. To that end, we want to drum-up events and activities and happenings, and (hopefully) this is the first of many.

So here's the plan. Meet us at the Dallas Museum of Art this Saturday, November 5th at 1:00 p.m. for a guided tour of the Mark Bradford exhibit. We'll follow the tour with a group art project at the former Bows and Arrows space on Greenville, where we'll be creating mini, Bradford inspired collage paintings.

But wait there's more... In honor of our group efforts toward art stardom, we’ll be hosting a one-night art reception on November 19 at Bows and Arrows so we can collectively ogle our kiddos’ paintings.

Suffice to say, I would LOVE to see you guys there!!

Ok next up is D Magazine Front Row Live tomorrow evening at the Dallas Contemporary. The event, which is the brainchild of my friend (and the husband of Lucia...seriously could there be a cooler couple) Peter Simek, will feature a line-up of curated DJs and experimental bands, a short film and video art screening, food trucks, beer and coffee from Pearl Cup. It should be an amazing event friends! So excited to see it all unfold...

Ok and now for a bit of an ode... I've shared snaps of Lucia and Peter's beautiful art-filled home before, but I thought this would be an appropriate time to post a few more photos I took of their space during a family dinner we shared over there a few weeks ago.

Lucia and Peter are just a magical couple... I truly think you meet people like this very rarely, so it deserves to be celebrated a bit, yes? They are not only incredibly smart and witty and creative and thoughtful, but they inspire the same in others. Having them in Dallas makes our city a more vibrant and interesting place. Bryan and I are lucky to call them dear, dear friends.


martha twain said...

that lucia and pete are quite fantastic. always wish i could hop on over and get some simek lovin. while i am not as lucky as you being states away, it always makes me smile to see that a very small part of me always seems to make it in your photos of their house! ;) haha. Yes Simek’s are good for Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Love! I read Peter's work on Front Row! It's great, and he is a clever writer. I love that he is your good pal (because when you read someone every day you DO feel like you know them!)

D Magazine/blogs are so good (Austin doesn't have ANYTHING like it.)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fantastic week ahead! Love film screenings and art shows!