Gorgeous marbleized books spotted on iiiinspired (image via BachGärde Design).

The "Semi-Sun" necklace from Anthro...could for sure qualify as the fall statement necklace I'm hankering for, yes?

This dreamy plant filled house. I know it's floating around blogland like mad, but it's just so amazing I had to include it here. I want to move right in. Stat. (Images of Maurizio Zucchi's home from Ideat Magazine, originally spotted on iiiinspired, which I'm a bit obsessed with of late too.)

Simple black dresses with major, artful, sculptural necklaces...a favorite look for sure. (Via Una Portland.)

Anthro's Sonia Delaunay-esque Christmas ornaments that would be beautiful used year-round.

This perfect, magical wedding via Keep Feeling Fascination. You have to peek at the rest of the photos...the wedding dress is insane!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention, joslyn! the wedding was a dream.
xo joanna

p.s. the bride is anthropologie's jewelry buyer - (wink wink on that gorgeous necklace!)

Joslyn said...

oooooh jewelry buyer for anthro...dream job...so of course she's totally, amazingly chic!!!

agnes szucs said...

oh my, thank you so much for the links! it's an honor, really! :) :)


Heather Taylor said...

love the house and I want to eat that flower girl, she's so darn cute.

Unknown said...

All of them splendid....smiles

Hannah said...

I'm loving simple black dresses with big statement necklaces too. So classic.

greenbeenfood said...

loving all these too...fabulous! that necklace has my name on it surely. dayle

Nauli said...

What a nice collection of inspiration. Love the blue and white ensembles!