Sorting Through The Muchness -- September Edition...

bold, mixed-up print and pattern is playing on a endless loop in my head of late (image by Tommy Ton for style.com spotted via Banquet)

Like last month, I wanted to share a few of the things that rose to the surface and stuck with me over the past 3o days. September is a particularly challenging month to "sort"...the magazines are massive, Pinterest and blogs are teeming with visual goodness, there's just a lot of eye candy friends. But I'm committed to this little"Sorting through the Muchness" exercise, as it really does help me distill down everything I've taken in and disover the things that resonated for me in a real and lasting way.

In August, I was feeling a rediscovered messenger bag, some lip balm, the "rebirth" of magazines and simple salads...Here's what's captured my attention in September:

images from top left Shayla's Rabbit Hole, Amazon, L.A. in Bloom, Barneys NY

Print and Pattern:
Despite the fact that in matters of dressing I almost always gravitate toward neutrals (or at least earthy, muted colors), I am seriously obsessed with the massive color and pattern mash-up happening of late in the fashion world. The look requires some pretty major sartorial moxie (of which I am lacking), but it's so fun and quirky and irreverent than I'm determined to figure out how to successfully pull it off.

Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs:
My lovely and kind friend Michelle gifted me with this book after the pop-up shop we did together, and I've poured over the pages countless times since. Linda McCartney's photos are gorgeous -- intimate, dreamy shots of her family are interspersed with honest images of major rock icons like, say... a (totally dreamy) young Mick Jagger. But what really made me fall in love with the book was getting a glimpse at the grounded, simple, private moments of a family who, given their massive fame, could have chosen to embrace a far more ostentatious lifestyle. It's just a really lovely and honorable thing.

Statement Nails:
99.9% of the time I wear clear or nude polish on my nails (if I wear any polish at all), so the week I sported that orangey/red polish on my fingernails (for the first time), I felt like a completely. different. person. It was (surprisingly) wholly and completely transformative. Every time I looked down at my hands, I experienced a little burst of happiness and a feeling that my neutrals-embracing self just *might* be able to pull-off some crazy print action after all. Heather's silver nails were equally mesmerizing...I think I might have to try that next

"Carine's World" :
I loved former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's Fall campaign for Barneys NY. I love that she chose friends and family as the models. I love that stunning photo of her with her son. I love the way the clothes took a backseat to Roitfeld's heartfelt comments about what made each of the people featured special and interesting... Knowing a little back story, getting a a glimpse of the wearer's humanity just made the clothes far more compelling to me.

Ok so now your turn... what stuck with you in September?


stephanie said...

Totally obsessed with prints and bold colors right now too! The first image is amazing.......which do I want more? the pair of bracelets in green and gold or the insanely awesome bag? Can't decide.


I try to do a variation of this exercise but I'm perpetually behind. You've inspired me to get on it though with this post! Last night was totally fun, wasn't it? Really happy to have been part of it with you! xo

DEY said...

rings and gold jewelry. simple color blocking for sure. also, layering the same color in different shades. and since sept was still summer for us, summer fizzy cocktails. yum!

Heather Taylor said...

Love this :)