Blogger's Favorites -- Elise from Pennyweight

Over the past several months, I've fallen pretty hard for Pennyweight. As blogs go, it's good...really, really good in fact. It's smart and immensely stylish and unique. (And in a sea of sameness, being unique is sort of the holy grail of blogland, yes?)

The lady behind all this goodness, Elise Yetton is, suffice to say, pretty stellar. As a writer, stylist and vintage shop owner, she's a bit of a triple threat. But her real magic is in how lovely and cool and down to earth she is. I'm a fan ;-)

So without further ado, herewith Elise's favorites. Enjoy and have a great Halloween weekend friends!

Street Style: One of my biggest sources of inspiration comes from street style photos. I love seeing how people express themselves through fashion and will never tire of the endless inspiration.

Butternut Squash: Yum! I can't get enough of it this time of year. My friend made this amazing butternut squash bread pudding (with pesto on top) but this pizza looks awfully delicious, too.

Holiday Decorating: It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well... almost. I am already looking forward to filling my home with twinkly lights and cozy, festive decor.

Gold Cube: How awesome if this inflatable gold cube? It even condenses down to pocket size! Looks like such fun on a windy, autumn day.

Simple, Thoughtful Jewelry: I'm not a huge accessories girl, but I love simple pieces that work for several different occasions. My recent obsession is this sandstone point necklace from Need Supply.

Pretty Hair: I've been feeling really bored with my hair lately and am anxious to try out some new styles. This braid is refreshing and beautiful.

Gem Club - Breakers: This album hasn't come off repeat in our house for a couple of weeks now. It is absolutely stunning.

A Cozy Spot: Recently my husband and I piled blankets and pillows on the floor and watched movies all night. I love curling up in a comfy corner with a good book or movie.


Lawn Party said...

Been totally freaking out over that gold cube!

Nomadic D. said...

The braid and the cozy spot have totally won me over! I love the idea of snuggling up on the floor like that! Headed over to check out Pennyweight right now!


Lea said...

I want that cozy spot! So cool!

Elise / Pennyweight said...

Thanks again for having me, Joslyn! So fun to share my favorites... :)

Jenny | Aubrey Road said...

love elise's picks as always!