Blogger's Favorites -- Suzy Lee of Dear Darling

images via dear darling...

I love Suzy Lee's calligraphy... It's artful and unique and wholly lovely.

I featured one of her pieces on a loving list earlier this year, a bit of an e-mail correspondence between us ensued (I love this little internet world), and I was so pleased to know that she is altogether delightful in real-life.

I love it when I get to use this "blogger's favorites" post as a place to share what inspires artists (artistic voyeurism is one of my favorite past times, I have to admit), so I thought it would be fun to ask Suzy Lee to pull together a list for us. She kindly agreed.

So without further ado, herewith Suzy Lee's favorites. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!

Vivian Maier -- vivian maier is a brilliant street photographer who was discovered decades after her photos were taken. she was a nanny from France who inconspicuously roamed the streets of Chicago and documented the life of those days in a truly remarkable way. there's so much life in her photos, and you feel as though you were passing these strangers yourself as you peruse her photos.

Vintage Books -- vintage books are my new obsession. i'm spending my days currently in the UK, finishing my postgraduate studies and am completely enchanted with the beauty of antique. everything is older here and very often, more beautiful because of it.

Dream Collective -- having grown up in the desert, this new fascination and romanticising of the southwest is quite lovely to me. i'm glad that people are seeing the beauty of the southwestern desert-the prints and colors that emerged from it have always been an inspiration of beauty to me. kathryn bentley's jewelry line is perfect adaptation of this in form of jewelry-so you can see why i go weak in the knees...

The Tree Ring Video -- some friends of mine got together and put their brilliant minds to imagination, creating a beautiful video for a new song on a new record from our friends-the tree ring. the result is absolutely heart-warming and i can't help but spread the love.

JR -- i'm currently doing postgraduate work on human rights and i find JR an absolute inspiration. he's a great example of how artists can truly make a difference with their work and the massive communicative power of art. he's a street artist whose focus is on politically charged issues that leave their victims oppressed and divided. his work is bringing a transforming of people's attitudes towards art & human rights, and that to me, gives a lot of hope.

Being in The Trees -- i had always grown up in rather quiet neighborhoods, with a farm in walking distance...but it was in the desert-land of El Paso. being in Scotland, i'm discovering the woods in a new way that i only rarely accessed in neighboring new Mexico. there's a renewed fascination in me for the quiet of the woods. i want to climb trees and fish in creeks. i think there's a sense of wonder that we miss out on in the daily grind of city life. and i'm finding more and more that WONDER is key.

Tales of a Junkaholic -- being a vintage junkie myself, artemis' blog "tales of a junkaholic" is so wonderful. the vintage wonders she discovers and the adventures she embarks on with her cute husband are amazing.

Kelli Murray -- kelli is one of my very dearest friends, and she's also one of the best artists i know. she doesn't conform to other styles and really keeps to her own unique style, while constantly adding new depth and dimension to her art. she's brilliant and i am so glad to share her with you guys! check out her etsy store. there are some great gift items :)


nicole lelacheur said...

I have to agree with Suzy, I love the look of vintage books. I really enjoy the Blogger's Favorites!

Holly said...

i love suzy's work! she just did my wedding save the dates :)

Megan Gilmore said...

I love that you highlighted Suzy! I too agree that she is absolutely amazing.

Nicola said...

I love this bloggers favorites she has such an interesting mix, I miss the bookshops in the UK and the woods too and Vivian Maiers work is amazing. Im off to explore Suzys blog, Thankyou.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous inspiration, love Suzy's work!

katie said...

Yay I love Suzy Lee! She & I were friends at Baylor and she truly is an inspirtation. I've been reading your blog for a couple years now and I was so excited to see her work on here! So great :)