Blogger's Favorites -- Alix and Dottie of Modern Kiddo...

image by Etsy seller Multer via Modern Kiddo

Do you ever meet someone and they just, well...instantly make you smile? You know, there's sort of an immediate feeling of happiness that overcomes you just by the simple act of making their acquaintance?

That's what happened to me the first time I met Alix and Dottie. They were lovely and magical and warm. I walked away from that first meeting instantly smitten...and happy. A full year passed and I encountered them again, and the exact same thing happened. It wasn't a fluke; they were genuine happy-makers.

We need more happy-makers in the world, don't you think?

I'm so excited to share their picks with you guys this week. Without further ado, herewith Dottie and Alix's favorites, Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!


PRETTY KNITTIES. As a knitter, there is nothing I love more than seeing babies and children in handknits. Don’t you just want to kiss that widdle footie? (image: Vintage Knits for Modern Babies)

70s SASS. I’ve been totally crushing on vintage prep. I call it Ice Storm chic and the epitome of that look is Bargello needlepoint (image: Cathy of California)

BEAUTIFUL AFTERNOON. Is there nothing better than curling up with a good book? I think not! I found this image through Amy Turn Sharp and it is now one of my favorite images of all time. (image: Jolie Marie)

WIDDLE DRESSES. I just love a little vintage on a little girl. Swoon. (image: Flour Clothing)

SONG & DANCE. I can turn a frown upside down by just pressing play on an MGM musical. One of my faves? An American in Paris!



HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Trips to Disneyland are among my favorite childhood memories. And vintage Disneyland photos? Fuggetaboutit! This photo is one of my favorites because it features so many things I love—including my mama! That's me in the strollie. (image: my family album)

POP ON POINT. Megan Whitmarsh crafts impossibly cool embroidered pop artwork on a teensy 4.5 inch canvas. Her subjects range from breakdancing big foots to groovy mod girls. Me likey! (image: Megan Whitmarsh)

FLOWER POWER. I'm a vintage junkie and collect all kinds of jewelry. These colorful little enamel 60s flower pins are among my favorites. (image: Jennski)

LOUNGING LOVELY. I am sooooo craving a vacation in the sun and this poolside in Kauai is exactly where I want to be! (image: Hyatt Kauai)

TWO BELOW. Vintage shoes + brightly colored tights= a recipe for awesome. (image: Shan Shan)


alix said...

Thanks for hosting us over here lady!

Unknown said...

Oooooo.....taking me back....smiles.

frecklewonder said...

yay! such gorgeous picks, ladies!!!!

e. e. reid said...

I thought you might like this article: http://www.paulgraham.com/taste.html

lisa leggett said...

alix & joslyn.
you know you have a huge kauai fan-from dallas.
my store is just down the street from the hyatt.
would love to have you visit the island.
sunny & 79 today...

About Last Weekend said...

Love all this especially the cool monkey, enameled bracelets and vintage shoes with bright tights. I have tights that colour and now it makes me want to buy some red shoes...