Blogger's Favorites -- Christine Visneau of Smaller

The first time I saw Small Magazine I was smitten…

It was different from anything else I’d come across in the kid’s genre – imaginative and intelligent, but with a slight edge. So I was instantly curious about the ladies behind it... I wanted to know more.

Then last summer I stumbled upon a booth at our local farmer’s/craft market selling insanely lovely little frocks and started chatting with Christine Visneau, the designer behind said dresses, who, over the course of our conversation, also casually mentioned she was the co-founder of Small.

Picture me swooning a bit here.

But see that’s the thing about Christine, despite the fact that she designs a fantastic children’s line (Baby Bean Vintage Daywear) + is a freelance stylist and owns a stellar shop, and yes, there’s the Small thing too (+ the Smaller blog), she’s super low-key and humble and laid back…which makes her even cooler, no?

She’s also a bit private (and maybe even a smidge shy), so I’m excited that she agreed to share a bit of what she loves here with you guys.

So without further ado, herewith Christine’s favorites! Enjoy and have a splendid weekend.

Thanks Joslyn for inspiring me to get personal and to think about a few of my favorites. Once I got started I realized how many things I love but I did managed to narrow it down. Before I start I want to say my hubby is at the very top of this list. He is my backbone and I don’t know where I would be today without him. I owe him everything.

Ok, that being said - Here we go:

First and foremost... My Girls - Amelie & Miette -- Everyday I am envious of their imagination and creativity. I feel we lose that a bit as we get older. They are a constant inspiration to me when researching for the magazine, designing, writing, and styling. They are why I do what I do!

1. Music -- I am obsessed with it. Transference by Spoon, Know Better Learn Faster by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and If The Rains Come First by Somi are all on heavy rotation this week.

2. Audrey Hepburn -- Style. Grace. Beauty. Enough said.

3. Vintage Fabric -- I started sewing with vintage fabrics six years ago and I have to say it’s been quite a history lesson. I am learning to date fabric by their prints. I do love new fabric as well but you just can’t duplicate the feel and the prints of vintage. I get so attached to my fabrics that I don’t want t sew them up into dresses. Here are a few I acquired this week. True Up is a great vintage fabric blog.

4. The New Yorker -- I love how long and in depth their articles are. It’s the only magazine that can have an amazing article about the corporate structure of Zappos and the origins of Lady Ga Ga. (whom I also love BTW)

5. Built by Wendy -- My first shop girl job in NYC (there were a few) was where I first came across Built By Wendy and I was lucky enough to get a sweet discount. That was in 1995. I have been a fan ever since. When brainstorming new collections I constantly look to her for inspiration.

6. Austin, Texas -- Yes, I am happy to say I am now a true Texan. (Sorry NYC!) Austin is our weekend getaway. To be more specific - The San Jose Hotel in Austin. It is beautifully landscaped, totally inspiring and perfect for children. The best part is parking our car and not using it for the whole weekend and walking everywhere. (That’s the NYC in me!) Oh and night swimming with the kiddos while sipping wine poolside with my hubby!


Estelle Hayes said...

That's a lot of talen in one woman. Total inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Ana Degenaar said...

Lovely list, I am a true Audrey Hepburn fan too♥

Unknown said...

WOW! vey interesting....thank you...smiles.

KR said...

I love the San Jose, but have never brought my kids. Def on my list to do next time!

Jeanne said...

That's my girl,Christine! My little bird! Just as my granddaughters inspire her (and me) - - she wows, amazes and inspires me with her talent, humility, and grace. I love her so! Her Mom

Lucia said...

Yes! The New Yorker! Love it. And, by the way, Dallas is so very lucky to have you, Christine.

rikshaw design said...

christine you are sooo talented..i am in awe everytime i see your work!

Unknown said...

so many great picks!! love to see some of the inspiration behind the talent!

Melissa Blake said...

Oh, that is awesome!!

Debbie said...

we used to have a locally-owned boutique I would frequent, it was downtown (pdx) and tres, tres important (or so I thought, until hearing that it was merely a front for drug purveyors, ehhh), back in the mid-nineties. built by wendy was sold there. remember her horse line? sweated that line like a fly girl from in living color.

yes. yes, indeed.

tada! shop said...

We think Christine is one of the most creative people we've met. We are so lucky to have her as a guest editor on tada! shop. More inspiration!