I heard the most poignant story earlier today on NPR's Morning Edition detailing the devastation in Haiti.

It is humbling.

To help the aid efforts, you can contribute online to the Red Cross, or donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting "HAITI" to "90999.

Listen to the NPR story here.


EmRo said...

It breaks my heart to hear of the devastation in Haiti, but it gives me hope to hear about people from all over the world reaching out to help in any way they can. We are all connected.

Katie said...

Thank you for posting this, Joslyn.

I have already donated but I feel like it's not enough. It's so heartbreaking.

Engracia said...

This tragedy remind me of the Boxing Day tsunami and few years ago. Mother Nature can be so cruel, but it does bring out the best in people as well.

Kayna said...

ooh that green is fabulous!

the stories on npr are heartbreaking.

Mrs.French said...

heading over to do it now...thank you friend. xo t